About EM for All

The research team has conducted over 80 individual interviews with Chinese ethnics in the Greater Toronto Area and in Kenya to understand their experience of anti-Chinese stigma during the COVID-19 pandemic, how this experience impacted their lives during the pandemic, the protective actions they took and what support they received.   

Currently, the research team is working on a stigma focused agenda for emergency management as part of the broader concept of Emergency Management for All. The major focus of this aspect of the research agenda is to understand how emergency managers are impacted by stigmatization during an emergency and the appropriate role emergency management could play in reducing the impact of stigmatization in an emergency. 

We are focused on developing a holistic approach to emergency management and reducing vulnerabilities that are exacerbated by issues such as stigmatization. 

Our study uses critical risk information to support community resilience actions that build social counter measures to support emergency management response during an emergency. We undertake scientific research that enhance the requisite capacity for responding to and recovering from COVID-19 and other future emergencies.

Through our research, we will support the development of destigmatization campaigns that will be conducted, both online and through community engagements, with emergency management professionals. 

Project Partners